Top 4 Pregnancy Pillow.

Achieving a comfortable position when lying down or lying back is no easy task, with a belly growing weekly.

Pregnancy pillows are the perfect ally. Learn all the details to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Pregnancy pillows or breastfeeding pillows to accommodate the body of the mother-to-be -first- and of the mother and baby -after- and facilitate routines such as resting, lying down, sleeping, and, once the baby is born, breastfeeding.

That is why they have such specific shapes (elongated, half-moon, or wedge-shaped) and are rollable and flexible.


Advantages of Best Pregnancy Pillows.

A pregnancy pillow can provide certain advantages during the entire pregnancy and even after the baby is born, in the first months of the newborn’s life:

  • It adapts perfectly to the mother-to-be’s back, belly, hips, and legs, facilitating rest.
  • It prevents the mother-to-be from becoming unbalanced in a lying position, ensuring her posture in bed while sleeping.
  • It helps relieve discomfort, such as back pain or leg cramps.
  • They prevent heartburn and back problems in some instances.
  • They can facilitate the posture of the mother and baby during breastfeeding.

Types of pregnancy pillows.

Here are a large number of pillow designs for pregnant women. In addition, there are different fillings, densities, sizes, and formats.

Every expectant mother can choose from the range available that best suits her needs.

U-shaped pregnancy pillows.

U-shaped pregnancy pillows

U-shaped pillows adjust to different parts of the body, facilitating posture. If the woman is sitting, it can be placed behind the back to support the head and neck.

If she is lying down, it can be placed between the legs to maintain a comfortable posture when sleeping on the side.

Wedge-shaped pregnancy pillows.

Wedge-shaped pregnancy pillows

Wedge-shaped pregnancy pillows are a popular choice for those seeking a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface.

The wedge shape is versatile and can support the pregnant woman’s tummy, back, hips, or legs.

C-shaped pregnancy pillows.

C-shaped pregnancy pillows

Pregnancy pillows with a C-shaped design are ideal for supporting the back and tummy and making it easier to lie down by inserting it between the legs.

The C-shaped design can “hug” the mother’s contours from the front and behind. They accommodate the newborn’s body and facilitate posture while breastfeeding.

Elongated pregnancy pillows.

Elongated pregnancy pillows

Pregnancy pillows with elongated designs are similar to C-shaped breastfeeding pillows. But since their shape is not predetermined, they are much more manageable.

They support the belly, put the legs up, and avoid cramps and circulation discomfort. In addition, once the baby is born, these pillows are perfect to accommodate the newborn in the crib, acting as an anti-roll and preventing the baby from rolling on the mattress while sleeping.

How to use a pregnancy pillow correctly?

Proper use of a pregnancy pillow is essential for a deep and restorative rest. The first time you get your hands on a maternity pillow, you may have doubts about how to put it on, exactly which part to lie on, or in which position to support which part of your body.

Maternity pillows have different functions, depending on the part of your body you want to help or relieve. The following indications can guide you:

  • To rest your neck, shoulders, and cervical vertebrae, rest your head and neck on the pillow so that you can align them with your spine so that it is as straight as possible.
  • Place the pillow between your legs or arms as if you were hugging it to relieve tension in your knees and ankles and accumulated tension in your back and lower back.
  • To rest your legs and ankles, bend your legs and place the maternity pillow under your knees. This posture improves circulation and reduces fluid retention.
  • To avoid unexpected twists and thus support the pelvis, place the pillow around your back and support yourself firmly.
  • To unload and balance the weight of your belly and avoid overloading your legs, place the pillow under your stomach.

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