The 5 best pillows tested in the laboratory by experts you can buy.
Pillow selection is a personal decision that significantly impacts sleep quality, and We have tested 160 pillows and found the best options to suit different sleeping positions. Avoid tossing and turning for comfort, ensuring a comfortable sleep.

  • Side sleepers should use a firm, thick pillow.
  • A softer, thinner one is required for stomach sleepers.
  • Back sleepers need to have something in between.


The pillow should be considered for its durability, ease of washing, fit, comfort, support, temperature regulation, and other essential aspects. Here are the best pillows we have tasted. Here are the best pillows


“Who it’s best for: The Coop Home Goods pillow is appropriate for all sleep positions due to its adjustable fill, which allows you to create your ideal height.” It’s also ideal for people who aren’t sure which type of pillow to choose because it’s a hybrid that combines foam and fiberfill.”


This pillow is packed with a combination of memory foam pieces and microfibre clusters for the perfect balance of softness and firmness.

As a result of this, it feels surprisingly supportive and plush simultaneously. And while many of our top pillows cost more than $100, this one offers good value for the money.

Just be careful when adjusting the fill to customize the height; it can be a bit cumbersome and something other than what you want to do regularly.

It’s machine washable, so you can keep it clean, and it rapidly recovered its shape after being pressure tested in our lab.

It’s also a best-seller on Amazon, with over 55,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, with consumers hailing it “the best pillow ever.”

If you sleep overheated, the Eden pillow has the same design but with cooling gel added to the memory foam.

Tester notes: Our panel of in-home testers gave it high marks, unanimously saying it was better than pillows they had used previously and helped improve their sleep quality.

One tester described it by saying, “It wraps around my head and I sink into it.” At the same time, another told us he was “able to comfortably shift from side to back and stomach and still feel supported and comfortable.”



The Pillow Cube is designed to provide targeted support for the neck and shoulders, addressing the gap often left unfilled by conventional pillows.

This support can help alleviate neck and shoulder pain that arises from using unsupportive or thin pillows.

It eliminates the need to fold or bunch up pillows for extra support. The product features a fluffy, softcore, offering a comfortable and cloud-like experience.

It is specifically crafted to cater to side sleepers, promoting healthier sleep by aiding circulation, respiration, and digestion.

The 5″ Thick Pillow Cube Pro is the most popular model, considered ideal for individuals between 5’3″ and 6’3″.

For those uncertain about the right size, the product comes with a sizing video and image guide to assist in making the best choice.


After choosing your favorite filler, before buying a new pillow, You have to ensure the pad is high. There is no one-size-fits-all pillow, and “it is essential that the neck is kept neutral. It should not be bent forward, extended backward, or rotated. Here’s how to choose your height:

  1. Depending on body type: The pillow choice depends on the body type, with thicker individuals preferring a higher pillow, while medium-build individuals can benefit from an intermediate buffer.
  2. Depending on sleeping position: Sleepers need a supportive pillow for side sleepers, while stomach sleepers prefer a lower, softer pillow. Back sleepers, those who change jobs at night, should opt for an intermediate pillow for a more comfortable sleeping experience.


Pillows come in various types, each with its unique characteristics and functions. Here are the main differences between the most common options:

  • Down pillows are usually the fluffiest, but combining down and feathers can be firmer and less expensive.
  • Synthetic-filled pillows are the alternatives to down. They can still be soft, offer good support, and are more affordable than natural down pillows.
  • Memory foam pillows are thicker and firmer. You can choose between solid memory foam or viscoelastic foam in clusters, which is more pleasant to lie on and offers foam support.
  • Latex pillows have a similar feel to memory foam but are more resilient and offer less contour. Another difference: Latex foam is usually made from rubber trees, making it a good choice for those who prefer organic materials.
  • Hybrid pillows mix foam and fiberfill, so you get the best of both categories, i.e., support and plushness.

Other pillows are on the market but are less common or recommended. Buckwheat, cooling, and gel pillows are popular, but they may need to be more durable and comfortable.

Gel pillows absorb body heat, but their cooling effect is temporary. Buckwheat pillows are gaining popularity due to their natural materials, but they may irritate skin.

Over-the-head mask pillows promote relaxation, but a weighted mask is recommended.

If you are looking for a Pregnancy Pillow. You will get the best suggestions here.


  • Check out special features based on your preferences. You can look for innovative specifications with some pillows, such as cooling pillows with thermo-regulating properties if you tend to overheat or adjustable if you want to customize the firmness level and height.
  • Be aware of any recent changes in your health. Physical changes (such as weight fluctuation, new aches and pains, or other changes in your body as you age) affect the type of support you need, according to Natalie Dautovich, Ph.D., a former environmental researcher at the National Sleep Foundation. If your favorite pillow no longer feels right, consider trying something new.
  • When you are going to wash, The pillow should wash instructions. Most pads are machine washable, but some Pillows are dry clean only. Wash it two to four times a year to prolong the pillow’s lifespan, and use a pillow protector.

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