5 Best Breast Feeding and Pregnancy Pillows.

Getting comfortable sleeping during pregnancy or breastfeeding can be a challenge. In this mission, a breastfeeding pillow can be your best friend.
When you start breastfeeding, a positioning aid for your baby is very welcome to avoid neck and shoulder pain.

Breastfeeding pillows are different from the traditional ones on our sofas and beds. With different shapes and sizes, breastfeeding and pregnancy pillows are designed to support the pregnant or new mom.

Depending on the needs, they can be used as a support for bottle feeding, resting the arms during breastfeeding, and, later, for the baby to sit on.

Depending on the model you choose, some pillows are also designed to provide support for the belly during sleep during pregnancy.

How to choose the best pillow?

Some aspects should be considered when choosing the cushion. The main ones are the shape, the ease of cleaning, and the firmness of the filling.

The body depends on the mom’s needs and how it will be used. If you buy a pillow after the baby is born, you may not need such a long pillow.

Firmness is more subjective; some prefer softer pillows, and others prefer stiffer, so it depends on personal preference. As for cleaning, all pillows chosen here have covers that can be removed and disinfected in the washing machine.

Some parents prefer to purchase additional layers, as they may become soiled with milk during breastfeeding and need to be exchanged.

Many mothers need to try several pillows before finding the ideal one; we hope our post will facilitate your search.

The 5 Best Breast Feeding and Pregnancy Pillows.

Medela Breastfeeding and Pregnancy Pillow.

Medela Breastfeeding and Pregnancy Pillows

Why did we choose Medela Breastfeeding and Pregnancy Pillow?

Whether you need to nurse, sleep, milk, or relax, the Medela nursing pillow is an excellent comfort companion. The microbead filling makes Medela extremely flexible. In addition, the half-moon format and its considerable length of 170 cm allow the cushion to be used for various activities.

Elements that can help you:

  • Cover: cotton.
  • Filling: EPS micro-pearls.
  • Size: 170 × 32 cm.
  • Weight: 200 gm.

My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillow.

My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillow

Why did we choose My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillow?

The Brest Friends pillow is one of the most famous pillows in the world. Its unique design, which adheres to the mother’s body, makes the mission of feeding the baby more practical.

The belt ensures that the pillow does not slip out of place. In addition, the front pockets can support a water bottle, for example, or any other accessory that aids breastfeeding.

If you need a nursing pillow for twins, My Brest Friends also has a model for two babies that is 56 x 70 x 15.5 cm in size.

Elements that can help you:

  • Cover: cotton;
  • Filling: foam;
  • Size: 38 x 59 x 15 cm;
  • Weight: 740 gm.

Niimo Beta nursing pillow.

Niimo Beta nursing pillow

Why did we choose this product?

Soft as a cloud, the Niimo Beta nursing pillow is comfortable for mom and baby. The filling is made of polyester silicone, making it smooth after several washes. It is both firm and soft enough.

The cover is made of high-quality cotton. It can be quickly disinfected after removing through the zipper. If you have already had your baby and no longer need a pregnancy pillow, Niimo Beta is an excellent choice. In addition, it has several rotating patterns available.
Please note
Due to the type of format, it ends up limiting the positions you can use with the baby.

Elements that can help you:

  • Cover: cotton;
  • Filling: polyester;
  • Extra pillowcase;
  • Size: 45 x 24 x 18 cm;
  • Weight: 900 gm.

Meiz breastfeeding and pregnancy pillow.

Meiz breastfeeding and pregnancy pillow

Why did we choose the Meiz Pillow?

With a design thought to be a cushion to accompany mom for a longer time, Nuvita has lumbar support that can make bedtime more pleasant, being a great ally against back pain throughout pregnancy.

Made with suitable materials and a quality finish, the microbead padding allows for adjusting the distance between the baby and the mother’s breast. This allows the mother to breastfeed more comfortably.

In addition, after pregnancy and breastfeeding, it can be used as a sleeping pillow, neck, leg, and back support.

The Nuvita is an Italian cushion. It has a cotton cover can be washed at 40 degrees, but you can buy other bodies to change.

Nursing and pregnancy pillow Niimo XXL.

Nursing and pregnancy pillow Niimo

Why did we choose the Niimo pillow?

The Niimo XXL nursing and pregnancy cushion is perfect for pre and post-pregnancy. Due to its design can be used as a supportive sleeping pad, breastfeeding support, bed barrier, and much more.

Niimo has an excellent finish and is made of quality materials. For easy cleaning, buying an extra layer to use while the other one is washing is possible.

Elements that can help you:

  • Cover: cotton;
  • Filling: polyester;
  • Extra pillowcase;
  • Size: 39.5 x 27 x 15 cm;
  • Weight: 1.5 kg.

Red for Pregnancy Pillow.

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